Janet Hamilton

Wedding & Civil Partnership, Naming & Welcoming and Funeral Ceremonies


Thanks so much for looking at my profile. It is a real privilege to have been an HSS Celebrant for almost five years. Originally from Glasgow, I now live on the Ayrshire coast where I love to walk along the shore on an almost daily basis. I have had a varied career. I have worked with people of all ages and from from different backgrounds. This has often involved me in supporting individuals in making the most of their learning, career and ultimately life potential. I feel this fits well with Humanism. I have always held Humanist values, and took the decision to apply to become a celebrant after delivering the tributes at both my mum and dad's funerals. I have now also been conducting weddings and naming ceremonies for over four years. Helping couples and families put together bespoke ceremonies and scripts for these significant events in our lives, is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. These should be personal and meaningful, reflect the hopes and wishes of those involved, as well as being engaging and memorable for everyone there. There is nothing more satisfying than delivering a ceremony which you know has achieved all of this.

Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

I have had the pleasure of being a Humanist Wedding Celebrant for several years now. I can't imagine a better role to have. It is a real pleasure to work with couples, everyone of whom is different. I get so much satisfaction from helping you put together a script and ceremony which incorporate your own ideas, wishes and hopes, with the right blend of importance and celebration, ideally with a slice of humour and fun! I aim to ensure that each wedding I conduct is a reflection of you as a couple. This includes ensuring that the script and ceremony reflect your story, what you most love, and respect about each other, as well as your and hopes for your future as a couple. I can also help you to devise or select your personal vows or promises to each other, along with readings and symbolic gestures. I want you to have a ceremony that is perfect for you. I would describe my style as informal and relaxed. Although I live in Ayr, travelling a bit of a distance for weddings is no issue. Contact me any time if you wish to have a chat about any aspect of your ceremony.

Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

I think naming ceremonies are a wonderful way of recognising, welcoming and celebrating a new, or sometimes not so new, life. I wish they had existed when my own son was born as it would have been so good to have been able to formally celebrate his arrival. I like the way they are completely personalised to fit with individual family needs and can be quite formal or as informal and fun as the family wishes, whilst still recognising the significance and purpose of the occasion. I am very happy to carry out naming ceremonies in Ayrshire, the south west and in Glasgow and the central belt.

Funeral Ceremonies

A funeral should be a very personal ceremony, tailored to reflect the needs of close family and friends, and above all the life story and character of the person they have lost. Meeting loved ones, helping them to talk about the person, and then writing and delivering a ceremony that genuinely captures their story, the essence of who the person was, and what they meant to them, is one of the most rewarding things I have done.

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