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Humanist weddings and civil partnerships

A humanist wedding or civil partnership lets you celebrate your day your way. Your humanist celebrant will involve you in planning and writing your ceremony, creating a ceremony that’s a true reflection of you and your partner. 

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Humanist funerals

The loss of a loved one is difficult, but arranging a funeral ceremony shouldn’t be. 

Our celebrants will work with you to create a personal and meaningful ceremony for your loved one that celebrates their life.  

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Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a popular way to mark a child’s arrival into your family, and a humanist ceremony lets you create a naming ceremony that is unique and personal.

Why choose us?

Your ceremony will mark one of the most important events of your life so we take our role in your day very seriously. We train, support, and coordinate Scotland’s biggest network of humanist celebrants. Every year our celebrants conduct thousands of ceremonies, and we are committed to ensuring that every ceremony is exactly what our couples and families expect.

We do this by:

Training our celebrants

Our celebrants undergo a rigorous application and training process and a full mentoring programme before they are registered to conduct any ceremonies. They are regularly reviewed and participate in practice development.

Having back up

In the very rare circumstances that serious illness or other unforeseen circumstances prevent a celebrant from performing a ceremony, we provide emergency cover, even at very short notice.

Insuring ourselves

We hold public liability insurance that covers all of our celebrants.

Ensuring high standards

All of our celebrants are expected to work to an agreed set of standards and are subject to a complaints and grievance process. In the unlikely event you have any concerns about your ceremony that you are not able to raise with your celebrant, we will work on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Being a good cause for celebration

Your ceremony will definitely be a good cause for celebration because we’re a registered charity! We campaign for a fairer Scotland and world and represent the interests of humanist and other non-religious Scots in Scottish society. We campaigned for and conducted the first legal humanist marriage in 2005, and campaigned for and performed the first ever legal same-sex marriage in Scotland in 2014.

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Become a celebrant

Every year our celebrants prepare and deliver thousands of unique and meaningful weddings, civil partnerships, naming ceremonies, and funerals, to celebrate love, welcome new life, and remember those lost. If you are a good listener, articulate, a great storyteller, and able to connect with people and put them at ease, then the role of celebrant might be a good fit for you.