Choosing music for your wedding ceremony is another way to make it personal and unique to the two of you. You might already have ‘a song’ – something that reminds you of when you met, or with lyrics that resonate.

What to consider when choosing your music

Couples usually choose one piece to walk down the aisle to, a couple of background pieces for while they’re signing the marriage schedule, and one for when they exit. 

A piper provides wedding music

It’s entirely up to you to choose music to suit your tastes.

You can opt for recorded music or live performances from individual musicians or a band. The choice is yours.

Violinists providing wedding music

You may even want your guests to have a sing-along as part of your ceremony. Be sure to choose something that they’ll be familiar with so that everybody can join in.

Please avoid choosing to sing hymns as this would be considered a collective act of worship.


Provide your guests with the lyrics and ideally have a strong singer amongst them that can lead the singing. It’s probably best not to rely on your celebrant to do this, although we’re sure to have some that aren’t tone deaf!
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