Some people want a very simple ceremony, but others just aren’t sure about the possibilities or what sort of wedding rituals are out there. If that’s you then read on!

Symbolic gestures

Symbolic gestures are rituals or traditions used in humanist ceremonies and are particularly popular in wedding ceremonies. They add an extra dimension to any ceremony and make the ceremony more personal and memorable for the wedding couple and guests. Your chosen symbolic gestures can involve just the two of you or as many of your wedding party or guests as you would like.

Regardless, don’t feel you have to include any – just think about whether any of them resonate with you or have meaning for you. Your ceremony will be unique and meaningful whatever you decide. 

Montage of symbolic gestures from some of our ceremonies produced by cinemate films

Examples of symbolic gestures

Some of the better known and most popular symbolic gestures include:

There are lesser-known options too, like the anniversary box, planting trees, and pop ups, as well as adaptations from other cultures.

Wedding ceremony rituals: a wedding couple prepare to 'break the glass' during a wedding ceremony while guests look on

When our celebrants meet with couples they always ask if they would like to incorporate any symbolic gestures in their ceremony. It’s part of your celebrant’s role to explain them to you and give you ideas. If you’re creative or like to break with tradition you can come up with your own symbolic gestures. The beauty of a humanist ceremony is you’re able to unleash your creativity and include all of the elements that are meaningful to you.  

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