A sand ceremony is a unique way to symbolise two lives becoming one, or the blending of families in a wedding ceremony. It’s also a beautiful way of symbolising the strength of a family unit in a naming ceremony. The bottles of sand represent each individual that is part of the ceremony. 

How it’s done

In this simple but beautiful ceremony two or more containers of sand are poured into a single vessel. The blending of the grains of sand represent the blending of lives and families. A sand ritual can be performed with sand from significant beaches, or with different colours of sand to represent different individuals.


How to personalise your sand ceremony

Different coloured sands can be used different to represent the individuals involved. The colours chosen can represent favourite colours, match your colour scheme, or hold a personal meaning to those involved.

Instead of sand, different sizes of stones can be used to represent the challenges the wedding couple will take on together through life. Larger stones are placed in the jar to represent big life events, until the jar is full. Smaller pebbles are then added to symbolise significant moments in life. Then sand is poured in to the jar to symbolise the small steps a couple take together each day. The sand fills in the remaining gaps. The stones, pebbles, and sand represent a life together. The sand signifies all the small gestures of kindness and support that shore up and support a couple or family through the bigger challenges.


Have a practice run ahead of your special day to make sure you have the right amount of sand or stones.

Your sand ceremony keepsake

Your filled sand vessel will make a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day.

Two male adults and three children waving and celebrating

Find your celebrant!

Start looking for a celebrant to conduct your humanist ceremony in Scotland.

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