Sea of love at GG’s Yard in Laggan

Megan and David originally matched on a dating app back in 2016, after Megan had moved back to Glasgow from London, and then realised they worked for the same company, in the same office…If ever there’s a sign it’s meant to be, we think this is it!

Although initially Megan thought it was a bad idea to date someone from work they went on their first date a few months later and the rest is history. They tell us about their story and stunning wedding at GG’s Yard in Laggan, Dumfries and Galloway.

When and how did the proposal happen?

The proposal took place on a gloriously sunny afternoon on 21st September 2019, at Eilean Donan Castle while we were on a trip to the Isle of Skye. Thankfully, David chose to propose while we were at the back of the castle when no one else was around. It was such a beautiful, personal moment and we spent a good while there letting it sink in, phoning family and friends and talking about making wedding plans! We then went for a celebration dinner at the Ferry Inn in Uig which was lovely.

Black and white photo of groom David and bride Megan. They stand facing one another, smiling warmly against the coastal backdrop of Laggan.

What was your favourite part of the wedding planning?

We really enjoyed booking the big things like our venue, photographer, wedding band and celebrant. This is because we got to meet so many lovely people, and really start to envision how our day would go and how we would make it our own.

Why did you want a humanist ceremony?

Neither of us are religious so we wanted a humanist wedding as this felt more personal. We liked that a humanist ceremony meant we were able to tell the story of us, how we met, and our journey leading towards our marriage.

Which celebrant did you choose and why?

Our celebrant was Marie Waterson. We had initially booked another celebrant but they could no longer officiate our wedding as unfortunately the covid pandemic impacted our original wedding date and plans. However, they recommended Marie and we are so glad it worked out this way as Marie was perfect in every way!

Where did you choose to get married and why?

Our venue was GG’s Yard at Laggan. We loved the space, the light, the view of the sea from the floor to ceiling windows in the ceremony wing, the dinner/dance hall, and the team behind the business. It is a stunning venue, beautifully decorated with natural materials and colours. It was also accessible for all guests which was perfect for us.

David and Megan stand outside GG's Yard. It is slightly dark and orange light shines through the floor to ceiling windows. Megan has her arms round David, resting on her shoulders and her long veil blows slightly in the wind.

What was your favourite part of the whole day?

We cannot pick one aspect – it’s too hard. Everything was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for it go to any better. Well… apart from the weather! It was a bit grey with little showers of rain throughout the day. However, if we could experience our wedding day again exactly the way it was, then we absolutely would. We wouldn’t change a thing. Experiencing that together, taking that step into marriage, and celebrating with all of our family and friends dancing the night away. Nothing else compares.

What was your favourite part of the ceremony?

First seeing each other at the ceremony and being surrounded by all of our loved ones who were there to celebrate us. We also loved how our ceremony was put together and how it was delivered by Marie who was such a calming presence for us. She made our ceremony personal, telling our story beautifully with some humour and emotion. It was so special for us and our guests.

David and Megan face their guests during the ceremony, hands held and arms raised in celebration having just been announced husband and wife. Celebrant Marie stands to the side smiling.

Your photographs are absolutely fabulous. Who did you choose and why?

We chose photographer Vicki Woods of Willow and Wilde Photography. I [Megan] loved her work from the moment I came across her photography on Instagram and instantly knew she was the one! The way she captures moments is so natural and special.

With hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

The only thing we wish we did differently was hire a videographer and pay that bit extra to have both photographer and videographer stay till the end of the party, to capture the fun, dancing, and laughter. We had some videos and photos sent to us by family and friends and they are amazing to look back on – just wish we’d had it all caught by a professional!

Megan and David sit at a table signing the marriage schedule. Marie, who wears a green tartan dress, stands at the other side, directing them.

Do you have any advice for other couples?

Really take the time to savour every moment. The day goes by so quickly and you’ll feel the emotions when it is over. Make time for you both to find a quiet corner and just watch everyone having fun for ten minutes or so. Also, make your wedding your own – about you both as a couple. It is easy to get bogged down in other people’s opinions, ideas, what is portrayed on social media, or what you think you should do. The wedding day should be about the two people getting married with the things you like and want. You’ll have an amazing day!

Also, when venue hunting we would suggest taking into consideration the team of coordinators and staff that will be helping run your wedding day. The team at GG’s Yard were outstanding! We have had so many compliments from our family and friends. It really put the icing on the cake for us and helped make the day special. So, make sure you have a strong coordination team, who are personable, have attention to detail, and want to make your day special for you.

And finally, any other suppliers you’d like to shout out?

We’d like to shout out:

Huge congratulations Megan and David, and thank you for choosing Humanist Society Scotland!

Megan and David stand outside with the coastal view of Laggan behind them. Megan leans back slightly and David holds her round the waist. They look at each other lovingly. Megan's veil swishes in the breeze.

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