Despite living on the other side of the world from each other, love brought Mia and Paul together. After meeting online and being kept apart by distance and Covid lockdowns, Mia was eventually able to journey from Australia to Scotland to be with Paul. The couple eloped to the stunning Isle of Skye to tie the knot. Their wedding at Fairy Glen was as magical as their story.

When and how did you two meet?

We met in 2019 on Instagram. Paul reached out to me [Mia] via my business to see if I would ship from Australia (where I’m based) to Scotland. I said yes and we formed a friendship based on mutual interests. About a year later our friendship developed into a romantic relationship. For the next 18 months our relationship grew stronger and stronger. However, we couldn’t physically meet due to lockdowns until February 2022 when I was able to fly to Aberdeen to meet Paul. After four beautiful months of connecting in person I had to return to Melbourne. Over the next four months, we planned our elopement and in September 2022 I flew back to Scotland for two months. During that time, we were married in the most beautiful, romantic and loving ceremony.

Mia and Paul kiss standing against the striking backdrop of the Fairy Glen hills.

Why did you want a humanist ceremony?

We wanted a humanist ceremony to celebrate our commitment, love and union in a way that represented us and our values.

Which celebrant did you choose and why?

Our celebrant was Rona Burstow. We knew Rona was the one for us, but initially she was booked out! We messaged her to check her availability and then to see if she could recommend another celebrant. After hearing our story, she created space for us – the dates and stars aligned!

Where did you choose to get married and why?

We were married at Fairy Glen on Isle of Skye which we had visited earlier in the year. We chose this location due to its beauty and magic.

What was your favourite part of the wedding planning?

The wedding planning was stressful at times due to being in two different countries and on different time zones. It was a quick turnaround, but everything fell into place. Our favourite part was me [Mia] getting my visa to get married in Scotland (big relief), and Paul secretly arranging a floral crown for me. It was made by one of our close friends and incorporated flowers representing Australia (eucalyptus) and Scotland (thistle). It was a beautiful surprise.

What was your favourite part of the ceremony?

Our favourite part was Paul catching my [Mia’s] tears of joy as I read my personalised vows. The whole ceremony was beautifully put together by Rona who captured the essence of our love. She told our story perfectly.

What was your favourite part of the whole day?

The whole day was magical. There was so much love and laughter. It was the perfect day to capture and celebrate our union. From the ceremony at Fairy Glen to the picturesque beauty of the Quiraing. It rained all day from the moment we woke up, but at every location the rain cleared as we arrived. We ended with the perfect menu and an incredible meal at The Ferry Inn. The best thing about the day was knowing we get to spend the rest of our lives together, in love.

Your photographs are absolutely fabulous. Who did you choose and why?

We chose Eilidh Preston. She was recommended by our celebrant Rona. After previewing her work, we knew she would be perfect for our day, and she was! Our photos are stunning!

With hindsight, is there anything that you would have done differently?

Nothing. Everything fell into place and worked out. The day was better than we could have even imagined!

And finally, any advice for other couples?

Follow your heart and do what’s right for your love and your union. It’s your day.

Huge congratulations Mr & Mrs French, and thank you for choosing Humanist Society Scotland!

Paul stands next to Mia holding a highland coo teddy with "Mia and Paul xx" written on the front. They hold two fingers to their heads as highland coo horns.

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