Sarah Morrison

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

Humanism is a brilliant life-stance in a world that can feel somewhat divided.

With a focus on kindness, equality and rational, evidence-based thinking, Humanists really do believe in people; that people can ...

I was brought up a farmer's daughter in Dalmeny, just outside Edinburgh. I still prefer being outside to in wherever possible (although am usually cleaner than I was as a child). Having lived in the East Neuk of Fife for years, I've recently moved back to South Queensferry.

I am lucky enough to have a wide extended family, including two incredible step-daughters. My heart is happiest spending time with family.

The very best thing about being a celebrant is getting to meet so many people, listening to their stories and making sure that their ceremony truly reflects who they are and what they are about. For some, this will be low-key and simple while others enjoy a bit more razzamatazz. Wherever you are on that scale, I will work with you to produce a ceremony that is just right for you; that is warm, dignified and if appropriate, we can have some laughs along the way too.

I am always grateful for the privilege that this position brings with it, and ever aware of the responsibility that is part of the package.

I'm delighted to travel anywhere in Scotland.

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Who doesn't love a good wedding?

Every single Humanist wedding ceremony is unique. That's because every single couple getting married is unique.

Whether it's a teeny-tiny elopement at the top of a hill...

Not sure about the legal paperwork?
Don't know where to start with the vows?
Tying yourself in knots over handfasting? (do you see?!)
Can't find just the right reading?

I can help with all of this and more. In fact, I'd love to!

Feeling confident and comfortable with your celebrant is so important, so any initial chat is entirely obligation-free. If you think I might be the right celebrant for you, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Naming, or welcoming ceremonies not only offer a fantastic, secular alternative to christenings – they can help families celebrate many other life changing events too. On top of that, they are generally the most am...

Naming ceremonies are usually used to formally give a baby or young child their name, but they can also be used as a special welcome for an adopted child, to celebrate the blending of two families or to bring people together to formally mark the occasion of an adult name change.

There are lots of opportunities for those closest to your family to get involved in the ceremony, too, and we can find ways to make sure that grandparents or older siblings have a special part to play if you wish. You may like to select ‘guideparents’ (or ‘oddparents’ or ‘gidparents’!) for your child - particular friends or family members who you know are going to play a significant role in their life as they grow up.

There are loads of fab symbolic gestures which can add real depth and warmth. Singing is great fun too (though be warned - I am more enthusiastic that talented in this department!)

Whatever the reason for your ceremony, I will work closely with you to ensure that we get the tone and content just right.

If you are interested in booking a naming or welcoming ceremony, please get in touch for a chat, and we can arrange an obligation-free initial chat.

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