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Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies

Hello! I live in Dumfries, in beautiful Dumfries & Galloway, but I'm happy to travel to be part of your special day! Choosing the Humanist Celebrant that's right for you is really important so let me tell you a li...

I love to write, so writing ceremonies is an absolute blooming joy and I love to hear peoples' stories so that I can craft a ceremony that will knock their socks off!

I'm also the queen of statement necklaces and would feel naked if I didn't have e.g a six-inch glittery gold perspex lobster round my neck.

I'm on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like to see some photos of ceremonies (and fancy necklaces make an appearance now and again) I've conducted, or drop me a message on 0773 901 7933 and we can have a no-obligation chat.

I live in Dumfries with my wife Les, Tucker the Terrible Jackadoodle, and Audrey the Very Old Cat who is as deaf as she is old, which makes night times interesting. I've two grown-up daughters and we now have a grandson, which is the best thing ever. I've been a Humanist for several years - and probably for many years before I even knew what humanism was, to be honest.

I joined the Humanist Society Scotland because I support their campaigns and the great work they do, and I became a celebrant because I wanted to help families and couples celebrate life's events with love and joy - and a bit of fun. I wanted to become a celebrant for a long time, and "what's fur ye will no gan bye ye" as they say, so am now delighted to be part of the HSS Celebrant team and look forward to discussing your ceremony with you.

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

I'm chuffed to bits and proud as punch to be able to marry couples on behalf of Humanist Society Scotland! It's your day, so it's important that you find the right celebrant - it's a day you'll remember for the rest...

We know a thing or two about weddings here at Humanist Society Scotland and I'd be delighted to do discuss yours with you. I can help you decide on the kind of ceremony that's right for you, and help you choose readings, symbolic gestures like handfasting, sand blending, unity candles, drinking from the Quaich - or together we can create a whole new symbolic gesture that reflects you as a couple and is just right for you. And you choose WHERE you want to get married too - on a beach, up a hill, in a forest, on a boat, in your garden - the choice is yours! We've some amazing spots in Scotland, and some world-class venues.

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Your day; your way! Humanist naming ceremonies are exactly that - you're positively encouraged to be as creative as you like. For a new addition to the family - either from birth, adoption or joining of families - a n...

But naming or welcoming ceremonies can serve another purpose - they're a great way to celebrate a name change too - marking all sorts of major life events.

What about the venue? Up to you! Your front room? Fine by me. Garden. Yup, that's fine too. Most people tend to take the opportunity to have a bit of a bash, so hotels or rooms in community centres are popular too. If you'd like to have a chat - drop me a message - I'd love to talk!

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