Laura Gillespie

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

I believe in the value, the dignity and the rights of every person in this beautiful, complex and fascinating world. I believe that Humanism with its compassionate, non-judgmental stance fits perfectly with who I am.<...

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

A wedding or a civil partnership ceremony should be an occasion filled with joy and of course, love. Witnessing two people making statements of lifelong commitment is special for all who are present. Helping a couple ...

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

We have cause for celebration when a child comes into our lives, whether through birth, adoption or any other way that changes the lives of families. Naming ceremonies allow us to recognise these changes and to celebr...

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Funeral Ceremonies

Death is as natural as life itself but it’s the part of life that brings us greatest pain and sadness. At this time, it’s a great privilege to be invited into someone’s home following the devastating loss of an ...

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