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Sheena Johnston

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Funerals

Hello - and thanks for looking at my profile. I have been a celebrant for Humanist Society Scotland since 2010. Prior to that at varying times I was a secretary, registrar of births, deaths and marriages and wedding/events planner all of which tie in well to my life as a funeral and wedding celebrant.

I'm happily married with two grown up children (one in Glasgow and one in Australia), loving being a Granny to two gorgeous granddaughters and a darling new grandson in Queensland and lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country not far from Loch Lomond and Argyll.

If you're organising things from a distance that's not a problem, we can sort things by Facetime and the wonder of email but generally I prefer to meet people if at all possible.

When contacting me for wedding availability via the website enquiry form, you should expect a response within 24 hours. So if there is still a stunned silence from me say 48 hours later - PLEASE PHONE OR TEXT ME.

I will always reply so if you don't hear from me your message has either not been received by me or my response has gone into your Junk/Spam folder!!! PLEASE CHECK!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

If you are looking at this as an engaged couple then congratulations! It’s an exciting time and I always feel so privileged to be a part of such a special day. I am happy to meet you (sooner or later) and have a general chat about the format of the day and any specific thoughts you may have about the ceremony.

The ceremony is all about you, and your family, and I can personalise this as much or as little as you like. You may wish to have others taking part, e.g. reading, playing an instrument or singing and I can give you suggestions for poems as well as help with vows and music.

It's also nice to include a bit about "your story" (if you're up for it!) - it's very much your wedding. Your wedding tells a story - where you have been, who you are, what your future holds.

I then draft a ceremony for you to consider and amend as you wish - sometimes it's easier for couples if they have something to work from rather than starting from scratch themselves.

My job is to make sure we get the legal bit in somewhere to ensure that you are in fact married (!) - but there is great flexibility around that. Same with vows - I can suggest a form of words for you which you may wish to keep or ditch for something personal you read to each other (perhaps as a surprise from one another) or maybe a bit of both.

On the day I arrive early - not to rush you but to make sure everything is in place for a smooth running ceremony, checking with the venue, photographer, piper, whoever is in charge of the music, people taking part in the ceremony etc and that important family members have got the best seats! I am a clear and distinct speaker and totally guarantee those in the back row will hear what is being said 🙂

The end result for me is to deliver a ceremony that is meaningful and personal for both of you, which is light hearted and fun, but at the same time recognising the solemnity of the occasion.

I have a "less is more" attitude to the internet with no personal website or Facebook page but hopefully my experience as a celebrant makes up for social media deficiencies 🙂

I would love to help you plan your perfect wedding!

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Funeral Ceremonies

A humanist funeral is all about the person, their life, family and interests. As well as mourning the death, it’s an opportunity for friends and loved ones to come together and focus on good memories and celebrate the life.

I would generally visit you at home to have a chat so that I can then go away and write up a fitting tribute for you to review before the ceremony. If a home visit isn’t appropriate, can either email or talk on the phone - whatever suits you.

What I find most rewarding is being able to help families through perhaps one of the most difficult weeks of their lives. It helps to talk and often people say the whole process is very cathartic.

"Sheena, the whole family thank you most sincerely for a perfect day. Everything went like clockwork and we could not have wished for a better farewell for Dad. Everyone commented on your script which left us all remembering the good times of his life. Some had not been to a Humanist service before and were most impressed."

"Thank you for your help with Mum’s funeral. We were able to offer her the simple service that she had asked for in a dignified way that reflected how she was. It was helpful to us to participate so fully in creating the ceremony and I know this will be important as time goes on."

"Just a short note to say thanks for all your help, support and encouragement. Your contribution helped us greatly and gave us all the strength to get through this time".

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