Halde Pottinger

Ceremonies performed: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals

I have been called many things in my life, many things I dare not repeat here...!

But I am VERY proud to be called...a Humanist.

But what is Humanism? What makes me a Humanist?

To me, being a Hu...

Experience and share our human values, live in a happy and fulfilled way and help others to do so. To achieve this means living responsibly, thinking rationally about right and wrong, considering the consequences of our actions and always trying do the right thing...not always the easiest thing to do!!

I actually didn't realise I was a Humanist until I got married by a wonderful HSS celebrant a few years ago. Since that awesome day, being a Humanist Celebrant is all I wanted to be.

I LOVE sharing the joy of people's weddings and coming-togethers. I love introducing new family members to new family members. I love to play a part in making a persons or a family's moment joyous and memorable...for the right reasons of course!! I love helping those during times of hardship and tragedy, to make it all just that little bit easier.

Many people these days are not religious, but still want to celebrate momentous occasions like weddings and naming ceremonies and mark the passing of a loved one's life through funeral ceremonies. This is where I come in!

My style is very positive and fun. You will be amazed at the amount fun, laughter and love you can squeeze into any occasion, even funeral ceremonies!

I am very professional and respectful at all times with any occasion, and my flexibility and ability to wordsmith, means that I can provide for any occasion, completely unique and bespoke to the individual.

I look forward to playing a role in your occasion.

You will however have to put up with my list of demands!

No.1 - Endless supply of vegan treat...yep, I am one of those!!!
N0.2- Compliments every 3 minutes on how nice my beard smells...goes without saying!!!
No.3 - I must be referred to as "Your Awesomeness".

If you can cover the above, then we will get along swimmingly...

Fire me a message, pick up the blower, come visit me...see you soon!

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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Uniting the clans...(said in a very Mel Gibson-esque manner) is a truly memorable and wonderful occasion.

Every little girl and boy (although he may not admit), dreams of their perfect wedding day...and that i...

I work closely with you both, to develop and create YOUR big day...your wedding day.

All my ceremonies are SO personal to the couple, and completely and absolutely bespoke and unique, just like people.

I will slowly and clearly guide you through everything!

The vows and the promises, the legalities and the logistics, the symbolic gestures and the readings, the fun, the laughter and the love. My wife and I were united at our very own Humanist ceremony a few happy years ago, and so I can vouch for it's beauty...humanist weddings are truly awesome!!!

This is YOUR day...and we will make it so.

I conduct weddings throughout Scotland, and I am based in the Highlands, arguably one of the most beautiful places to become one!

I am very creative when it comes to offering ideas for your day, and I welcome a challenge.

To me, weddings need to be full of love and laughter, fun and excitement, family and friends, beauty and banter!

Let's make it so!

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Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

A beautiful and meaningful Naming or Welcoming ceremony, is your opportunity to bring your families together to introduce the newest member to the clan.

Often these take place in the actual home of the family, ...

We will work closely together to arrange a wonderful celebration, which mixes in the traditions and promises of the past with the newest trends and fun.

Often families don't get the chance to meet new members, unless there is another family gathering going on at the same time.

This is your chance, and I recommend combining this with a party afterwards...I love a good party!!

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Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals are of course a very challenging and difficult time, for everybody involved...but they do not necessarily have to be full of sadness and sorrow.

Death is as natural as birth. You are born on a date an...

It needs to be a celebration, it needs to be as joyful and fun as it can possibly be.. and that is what I am here for.

I have done so many ceremonies, each one different, unique and personal. I have seen tears of sorrow and joy, sadness and laughter. I have finished a ceremony with the audience singing and dancing, slapping bags and smiling! Do not feel because it is a funeral that is has to be black clothes, slow walks, mumbled condolences and sad music...is that the way you would like to go out?!

Together, we will tailor a very respectful and very fitting ceremony for your loved one.

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