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Gender Recognition Act

We support a person’s right to live as and be legally recognised as the gender that they identify with

The problem

To change their birth certificates to reflect their acquired gender currently requires trans people to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). Although they can self-identify in order to change their driving licence and passport, to change their birth certificate they must follow a process that impinges on their human rights.  

To be awarded a GRC trans people must submit an application to the Gender Recognition Panel that includes a large amount of evidence to ‘prove’ that they are trans. For example: 

They must have a formal psychiatric diagnosis for ‘gender dysphoria’ (with waiting lists of a few years, they must wait or pay hundreds of pounds for a private diagnosis). 

They must provide medical evidence detailing surgeries and other gender affirming treatments they have had (or chosen not to have) with reasons why. 

They must provide evidence that they have lived as their acquired gender for at least two years. 

They must be 18 or over. 

These stipulations create a situation that sees many trans people unable to satisfy the GRC panel requirements because of reasons such as long NHS waiting lists and the high cost of private treatment for the proofs required. This means they are unable to change their birth certificates which can have many negative consequences and infringes on their Article 8 right to family and private life. 

The solution

The proposed Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill will simplify the process for obtaining a GRC. Trans people will no longer be required to acquire a medical diagnosis of ‘gender dysphoria’, and the age that people can legally change gender will be lowered from 18 to 16. 

Our campaign

We have supported the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill through the public consultation and through phase one of the consultation process, and welcome the passing of the Bill into stage two. We will continue to work with Scottish Trans as the Bill progresses through Parliament.

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