A landscape photo of people in a garden talking at tables with food on them. The photo is taken at a picnic and play event at the Hidden Gardens behind Tramway, Glasgow during World Humanist Day 2023. Text infront reads "World Humanist Day small grants scheme."

Our World Humanist Day small grant scheme opens for 2024

February 22, 2024

For the second year running, we are extending our small grants scheme to non-members, provided your event or project shows a commitment to humanist values.

World Humanist Day is celebrated every year on 21 June. It’s an opportunity for humanists all around the world to celebrate the positive values of humanism, and to promote the global concerns of the humanist movement. This year we are once again offering individuals and groups in Scotland the opportunity to apply for small grants of up to £250 to fund activities marking World Humanist Day in Scotland. A limited number of larger grants of up to £500 will be available for exceptional ideas. However, our preference is to fund more projects at a smaller scale.

Applications are open to any group or individual with an idea for a project or event that will promote the vision and values of Humanist Society Scotland. We currently have campaigns on LGBT+ rights, assisted dying, climate change, and reducing religious privilege within the Scottish education system. But humanism stands for much more than just these things. You can find out more about our campaigns from our campaigns page and get more information on humanism from the Declaration of Modern Humanism.

Whilst World Humanist Day is a great excuse for a party, your event or project can be so much more than that. Last year we funded film screenings, tree plantings, guided walks, book groups, multi-faith picnics, and more. The grant could help to cover things like volunteer expenses, room hire, refreshments, and basic materials.

We will accept rolling applications until 24 April 2024 or until our budget is spent. Your event must be held in Scotland. If you have any questions or want guidance with your application please email lara@humanism.scot.

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