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December 17, 2020

The HumanKind podcast looks at the place of humanism in Scotland and the impact of members of Humanist Society Scotland across the country.

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Episode 4: Assisted Dying in Scotland – The Time is Now

This episode focuses on assisted dying and we hear from a range of people who support a change in Scottish law to allow the option of assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults. The podcast is hosted by Ally Thomson, director of Dignity in Dying Scotland, and opens with award winning Scottish author Andrew O’Hagan explaining why he supports legalised assisted dying. Next up our Chief Exec Fraser Sutherland is in conversation with Church of Scotland Minister Reverend Scott McKenna as they discuss how Scott balances his religious beliefs with his support for assisted dying. The third segment of our podcast involves a very raw conversation between the daughters of Heather Black, an Edinburgh charity worker and campaigner who died a very traumatic death last year. CONTENT WARNING: This segment involves graphic description of a difficult death and is not suitable for younger listeners or anyone who may be affected by descriptions of a traumatic death, grief, and trauma arising from either of these. In his regular segment, Brian Eggo fact checks some of the common mistruths used by opponents of assisted dying. We end the podcast with a trip down under as ex-MSP Maro Biagi and assisted dying campaigner for Go Gentle Australia Frankie Bennet discuss what lessons Scotland can take from the successful assisted dying campaigns that have been held in Australia and New Zealand.

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If you agree with what you have heard on this podcast, please make your support known by taking part in the public consultation on the assisted dying bill that Liam McArthur MSP has put before the Scottish Parliament. All responses must be in by 22nd December 2021, and to make this incredibly important change we need the silent majority of Scots who are in support of assisted dying for terminally ill, legally competent adults to make their voices heard. 

Complete a consultation response

This podcast deals with many difficult issues and if you have been affected by them please see below for some sources of support and further information:

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland 

The Samaritans 

Breathing Space

My.Gov bereavement support 

NHS Inform – coping with grief

NHS Inform – counselling and therapy options 

Dignity in Dying Scotland 

Friends at the End 

HumanKind Podcast Episode 3 transcript

Episode 3: Humanists International Takeover

In this episode we hand the reins over to Humanists International. Humanists International board member and Ghanaian humanist and activist Roslyn Mould delivers a thought provoking opening segment. Afghan atheist Josef Moradi, and Ina Mossin from the Norwegian Humanists Association talk candidly about Josef’s asylum journey, and podcast regular Brian Eggo tackles lies on social media. We also hear from Emma Wadsworth-Jones of Humanists International, and James Ibor and Leo Igwe about that latest news in their campaign to free Nigerian Humanist Association President Mubarak from prison following accusations of blasphemy last year. We end the podcast with Edinburgh local group convenor Cathy Crawford taking the Five Fast Question hot seat.

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Find out more about the work of Humanists International here 
Support Mubarak Bala’s legal fund here 

Episode 2: Does it make you smile?

This episode GCU lecturer in law Dr Andrew Tickell gives us his opinion on the Hate Crime Bill (please note some amendments have been agreed since this interview), Glasgow Skeptic’s Brian Eggo talks us through the perils and pitfalls of personal biases, Humanists UK Chief Exec Andrew Copson outlines the latest battle for legal humanist marriage in England and Wales, and Mary MacKay and Mark McKergow discuss volunteering during the pandemic. We’ve also got Thought for the Podcast delivered by Celebrant Linda Britton, and Humanist Society Scotland trustee Jim Chalmers plays Fast Five Questions.

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Episode 1: Dèan Gàire

This episode follows volunteers from our Glasgow SteetCare team on their weekly route, why you shouldn’t be scared of 5G phones, the impact of international humanism, and our regular thought for the podcast.

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This episode was produced by Julia Moon, Ruth Curry, and Ceri Sutherland. Thanks to the contributors John Howieson, Amy Culshaw, Maggie Kinloch, Brian Eggo, Gary McLelland, Paul and Cathy Millar. This edition was presented by Fraser Sutherland.

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