2020 AGM Candidate Statements

Below are the supporting statements of candidates for election to the board of Trustees at the 2020 AGM. There are six candidates for election and four places available. Please vote using the link to the online portal provided in your AGM email.

Maggie Kinloch (current Trustee)
I have served as a Trustee for three years, and in 2019 I was elected Chair. I’m deeply committed to the work of our charity, finding real fulfilment in its achievements, campaigning and education work. I am also a registered celebrant.

Having realised many years ago that I live a Humanist life, and having the opportunity over the years to serve on boards both as trustee and as Chair, I realised I had something to offer. I believe that continues to be so and would dearly love to serve another period.

In this last 15 months I have led in the appointment of a new CEO, represented us nationally and internationally on TV, radio and press during the coronavirus pandemic, overseen the development and launch of our new Strategic Plan and led my colleagues on your behalf. It would be my privilege to do so for a further period.

Morven Lyon (current Trustee)
I have been on the Humanist Society Scotland Board of Trustees for several years and wish to stand for re-election by our members. Humanism is central to who I am and I have a particular interest in the campaign for education reform. Through my previous experience of working with teachers at Young Enterprise I feel tuned into the pressures facing teachers and the importance of collaborative and forward-thinking relationships with educators. Eco-humansim is another interest – from ensuring that my own humanist wedding was eco-friendly to thinking about the wider natural synergy between humanist and environmental principles.

I work within the community development sector and have expertise around fundraising and community engagement and campaigning. I joined the HSS Board when I was 29, and while the juggle of work, Board membership and family life can be busy at times, it has been an extremely fulfilling development opportunity for me.

Martin MacEwen
My wide range of qualifications and experience as a solicitor, academic [D.Lit], researcher and author in housing and planning law and in equal opportunities together with work with VSO, the Crown Office, Edinburgh College of Art – including Acting Principal – and as a Visiting Professor at Stellenbosch University would be useful in developing, promoting and securing the interests and policies of the HSS. My work at the then Race Relations Board [1974-6] and previous links with ELREC and as a founding Director of a Research Unit together with work abroad – in the Solomons, Sarawak and South Africa – should demonstrate a breadth of experience which may be useful regarding the duties of a trustee. I am eager to promote separation of the State and its operations from religious power and influence; I believe that HSS has played a valuable role in doing this and welcome the opportunity to contribute as a trustee.

Patrick Gerard McGlinchey
The cause of humanism and its advancement in Scotland is unequivocally linked to the good health of the HSS. As a Trustee as I would bring recent, relevant experience of:

With prior experience on several boards, from LGBT Youth Scotland to SPT, I understand the principles of good governance, sound finances, and open scrutiny.

As a chartered public relations professional, I’ve represented the funeral profession to policymakers and have expert knowledge of the significant upcoming reforms.

With a decade of local government experience, as deputy leader of an authority and education committee chair, I understand the opportunities for reform.

I’m involved with Glasgow StreetCare and have previously supported HSS with its education work. I’ve seen the recent progress and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to HSS’ continued success.

Ian Rodger (current Trustee)
Over the last three years, I have been serving as an HSS Trustee.
My initial reason for putting myself forward was to provide extra representation for school visiting.

During my term of office, I have also assisted on the financial sub-committee, the reworking of the Articles of Association and the appointment panel for the CEO.

I have also acted as Vice chair for the last two years supporting the Chair and CEO when required.

I know we have a strong team of staff in HSS and I try to take time to get round them on my visits to HQ and get a feel for their everyday work and stresses.

I would like to put myself forward for a second term to share this knowledge and experience thus assisting in the continued work of the Society as we move out of lock down and look towards a very bright future.

Alec Spencer
I joined HSS over a decade ago. Humanism is more than just an ‘antidote’ to belief in deity. We should not underestimate our values of individual freedom and respect. We show through our celebrant services and other activities that Humanist approaches have much to offer society.

I want to support HSS in ensuring our vision is understood, in creating strategies to support and deliver that vision, and ensuring organisational structures are fit for purpose. Our Board must be strategic, maintain our values and ensure our influence and recognition continues to grow.

I would want to use my experience in the statutory and voluntary sectors, of working on and with Boards to enhance their delivery, governance, strategic direction and risk management, to support the HSS Board.