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We are a membership charity. Your support helps us with our vital campaign work.

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Find your celebrant

All our celebrants are trained and regularly reviewed. We’re the only provider to offer the HSS Ceremony Promise.

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Enlighten Up

Sign our petition to end unelected religious representatives on education committees.

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Get Involved!

We have local events taking place all over Scotland. Find an event near you.

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HSS Conf- erence

24 September Edinburgh

Join us in Edinburgh for an inspiring day of talks, activities and fun!

We even have a special discount for our members.

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Head and heart

What is Humanism?

Humanists are people who share common values, such as science and rational enquiry, and who seek to live ethical lives based on reason and compassion.

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Humanitie Blog

Humanitie is the platform for thought, comment and analysis for HSS.

Bringing you thought-provoking articles on Humanist issues.

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